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Past Work


Bar and Restaurant Interiors

Speakeasy Bar, Millennium Forum and Theatre, Derry

This interiors refurb was for a busy theatre bar/restaurant, in the heart of Derry City. The owners of this space sought to inject some vibrancy, understated opulence and personality to what was a formerly a underutilised and dated interior. This space was dramatically transformed, utilising and refurbishing existing furniture, using Eco friendly/sustainable materials and incorporating innovative use of form and colour.

All of the (GOTs) patterned fabric, is bespoke and created by myself for this specific build. I also created two large scale pieces of  original wall art for this job.


Chic and Sophisticated

In this space, a creative blend of lines and curves was layered into the existing structure and design, expertly showcasing the old while incorporating the new. The result is a place of balance and beauty, in harmony with its surroundings.

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